Cherished Art
Dear Customers:

Some things to consider when ordering:

1.        If you have your child sign and/or date their masterpiece please do not add it within 1 inch of the
edge of the paper.  The masterpiece will be scanned and anything close to the
edge might be cut off.

2.        Our scanners are 11" x 17". If the art is larger than 11" x 17" some edges maybe cut off.  

3.         Do not fold the art.  The fold will leave a big fold mark on the art.  I try to erase the fold mark but
sometimes that is not possible.  The image on the final product is only as good as the original so please
try to keep the original flat.

4.        If you want to add additional art pieces or photos to your order that is fine.  Please put detailed
instructions on the order form of what art/photo on what item.  Write lightly in pencil on the back of each
art/photo what item(s) you want made from that art. Include all art pieces with ONE order form.

5.        Yes, we do accept photos to make items.  The photos CAN"T be copyrighted.  If they
are copyrighted and you have a copyright release please send a copy of the release with your order.

6.        The prices on the website do not include sales tax.  The prices on the order form include sales
tax.  State law requires this type of fund raiser to collect sales tax. Not including sales tax will delay
processing of your order.

7.        One of my favorite calls after the products are delivered starts out "Hey do you know this stuff isn't
junk!"  Yes, I know that.  This is usually followed with a question about getting more products.  Yes,
parents we work very hard to make sure we sell a quality product.   Yes, we do accept private orders
year round even if it not during your school's sale time.

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.  
If products become unavailable we will substitute with similar product.
Late Orders ---- Yes, we accept late orders.  You can deliver to our
home/shop at 3402 Great Valley Dr., Cedar Park, TX 78613.  We are 1
mile from Lakeline Mall off of Hwy 620.  You can leave on the table next to
the door if I am not home.  

Yes, we take private orders.  You can drop off the order at the address
above or call me at 512-970-5245 for instructions for emailing.