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Wow, we tripled our budget!  

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This is the best fund raiser I have ever used.  You have made it so easy for me.  
Teachers never have extra time but with your company and all the extra help you
provide this is the easiest and best fund raising company we've ever used.

I love this fund raiser. It is so much better than wrapping paper.  
Great products at reasonable prices.  

Every parent must love your company.  
It is so great to have my child's art on these products.  

I can't wait for this fund raiser every year, the grandparents just love your

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Group Opportunities!

Have a group and want to do a fundraiser but not with art?  We can do spirit
items or promotional items for your group.  

What a travel coffee mug for your dance team?  We can make it and you
can sell it as a spirit item for your team.  

market items.  Please contact me and I can work with you and your group to
We have a huge variety of products available for the spirit and promotional
select the perfect items for your group.  
Cherished Art