We All Love Our Pets!
We have added a line of pet products!  

These can all be personalized for your loved one:
picture of your pet,
your pet's name,
your pet's veterinarian,
or anything else your choose.
Hate the jingle of your pet's tags
day and night?

Have a collar made with all the details
important to your pet, name, your
contact information, veterinarian

Our Collars come in three sizes:

Small           12" to 16"         $18.00

Medium      16" to 20"         $19.00

Large          20" to 26"         $20.00
for your pet run but you can still
control of them!  

6' Leash                              $22.00
Pet T-Shirts

Put the pet's name on it.  Put a picture of you on it for your pet
to not miss you.  Design your own holiday shirt for your pet.  
Make your pet a matching t-shirt to your holiday shirt.  Get her
a t-shirt for each holiday.   

Woof, Woof, the possibilities are unlimited.  

Small               9" to 12"       $17.00        
Medium          13" to 16"     $18.00
Large              17" to 20"     $22.00       
X Large           21" to 24"     $24.00        
Dog Bowl                              $27.00
Personalized dog bowls for food and
water. Bow Wow and Kitty don't want to
share. They want to be as special as
Better yet they can have their name
and picture on them.

$29.23 with sales tax
Pet Tags                                   $9.00
Pet tags can have text or pictures
printed on them.  They are available in
4 shapes, bone, circle, heart, and

$9.74 with sales tax
You can put your pet's photo on any of our other products and always
have your pet with you!
Cherished Art

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.  
If products become unavailable we will substitute with similar product.