Attention Quilter's

Not happy with feel of transfer images
on your family quilt?  

Want to personalize your quilt with details such
as date, who made it, why, or gifted to who?

Our squares are soft, don't fade and are permanent no
matter how many washing!

We will do the graphic adjustments to your image
to meet your needs or make your own signature square!
We make our squares to fit your quilt.

The squares are $10 each for up to an 8" x 10" size.
If you need a larger image just contact us for pricing.
$10.83 w/ sales tax

Proud of your quilt, want to wear it or
have it show off when it is not with you?  
Check out our products page!  
We can put a picture of your fabulous quilt on
any of our other products!
Cherished Art
Prices on website do not include sales tax.  Please include sales tax with your order.