Well here are the standard suggestions I have for everyone.

1.        BRIGHT COLORS!

2.        We prefer 8 1/2" x 11" art but we can accept up to 11" x 17".  If
you use larger paper then 11" x 17" then the please only have the
students draw in an area 11" x 17"  Anything larger than that the
edges of the picture will be cut off.  

I would suggest if you only have art paper to cut it half so you have
a piece of paper that is 9" x 12".

3.        We do add a computer generated border for art w
here the
signature will be cut off.

4.         Have the students sign their art.  Do not have them sign
within 1" of the edge of your paper.  I know teachers are worried
students will not be satisfied with their signature so they have them
sign it first then draw their picture.  

5.        Remember most of you have your orders set to deliver
before a holiday season so include that holiday in your orders.

6.        Animals, self-portraits, family scenes, flowers, fish, student's
copies of master pieces such as Starry Night, Georgia O'keeffe
have had great success.

8.       What to avoid?         
Do not have students put important details within one inch of the
edge such as their signature or the date. If important information is
within 1" of the edge of the paper we might add a computer
generated border.
This was a super fast and easy
sponges and vegetables.   Use
Above -- This is black construction paper it
to another color of back ground. The vase
has tissue paper glued to it.  This is another
fantastic project for a single class period.
This image was adjusted to make the
construction paper appear black!
The fish bowl is a great project that had a very successful
white sheet of paper blue. Glue the construction paper
bowl to the water color sheet and you have a beautiful fish
Colorful birds, fish, flowers and patriotic images are great sellers.
Pets, landscape, family units, vacation memories, etc all make great
Remember the holidays and seasons.
Hand prints! Parents love these!
Hand prints on tie dyed
Samples from Successful Sales

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