I have had questions what is so important about our Rose and why is
it our logo.  It seems to have nothing to do with our products.  It
contributed to us starting of our company.  WHY and HOW?

This is our daughter's first grade 100 days of school project.  It is a
really simple project.  She wanted to make a flower.  After many
attempts at free handing a flower.  I could not make one she was
happy with, I printed a clip art rose.  She cut and counted 100 pieces
of licorice and Skittles.  She glued the candy on the clip art.  She
wanted to save her masterpiece.  So after many times of re-gluing
and spraying with clear lacquer, I preserved the piece as our
Cherished Art logo.  I can assure you the "candy" original is gladly
long gone.  But she has many wonderful Cherished Art items with
her masterpiece on it.  She is always excited to share the story of the
Rose and proud that her piece represents our company.  

She is a young adult now but is still pleased with her Rose. She  
loves seeing her rose on our numerous products.  I am glad to not
have the masterpiece but enjoy the work of our daughter.

Cherished Art has become an excellent way for us and lots of our
customers to preserve their children's masterpieces.

Check out our other pages to see how you can preserve your
masterpieces in a much more user friendly way.